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We drive entrepreneurship and local economic development on a country, city or community level. We work with development finance institutions to assist in the execution and implementation of general entrepreneurial programmes and programmes aimed at the youth, females or the rural context; we work with multinational corporates to ensure that their CSI strategies align with their company strategies; we work with mines to execute entrepreneurial and supplier development programmes for their surrounding communities; and we work with governments to design and implement national incubation programmes. We also conduct feasibility studies and have the ability to work with local partners.

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SEED (Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development) is Raizcorp’s global division dedicated to developing and delivering entrepreneurial support and development initiatives to achieve the strategic local economic development (LED) objectives of our government, corporate, development agency, and local community partners.

Our SEED programmes take into account the general complexities of doing business in the developing world and are adaptable to the specific challenges found at a local level. The programmes empower and educate local entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs to generate the employment their communities need, and to link local industries to national and international markets.

SEED programmes produce results because their delivery is based on detailed, on-site contextual analyses combined with Raizcorp’s highly successful and adaptable enterprise development approaches and methodologies.

Our approach

Raizcorp has developed a uniquely effective model of business incubation which we call prosperation. Prosperation relies on four approaches to entrepreneurial development and business-support services, and these underpin all our offerings.

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