Canden Schools is Raizcorp’s entrepreneurial education initiative. South Africa has one of the lowest rates of entrepreneurship in the developing world, and Raizcorp believes a new approach is needed to help change this. 

For this reason, Raizcorp decided to intervene earlier in the lifecycle of entrepreneurs by becoming involved in the education sector. We want to help our youth to develop the outlook, mind-set and attitude they need to become future leaders, innovators and millionaires. In an innovative move, we acquired a private school in 2015 and have enhanced the academic curriculum to include entrepreneurship. This learning model fosters proactive and creative thinking, and helps to equip school leavers with the skills they need to succeed in today’s fast-paced world.

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Canden Schools is currently in the process of building and acquiring additional schools across South Africa in order to extend our impact on the entrepreneurial development of our youth.