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What is Associate Membership?

  • An opportunity for suppliers/service companies and venues to be associated with AAXO Organisers and enjoy many benefits that AAXO delivers at a greatly reduced fee.
  • Recognition as an “AAXO Approved Supplier” “Service Company” or “Venue” thus giving heightened confidence to our exhibitors.

Why the need for Associate Membership?

  • Suppliers, Service companies and Venues are critical partners in the exhibition value chain.
  • AAXO needs and wants to build greater relationships with our partners.
  • AAXO want to be associated with credible and professional suppliers/service providers and protect the exhibitor community from any unprofessional conduct.
  • AAXO Organisers want to engage with our partners on a regular basis to improve working conditions and address practical challenges that are common to us all e.g. unrealistically short build up times/safety issues/organisers holding onto dates too long from a venue perspective and so on.
  • Equally AAXO members would like the opportunity from their perspective to address challenges they have and find practical and workable solutions.
  • We want our partners to be involved in all of the fantastic AAXO initiatives such as market research/training/annual awards/Exhibition of Exhibitions and much more.

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